So this afternoon (all afternoon) I re-published my android application ‘Drop Distance’ to google play and amazon app store… kind of a PITA it was.  Both stores are a little different… first off I wanted to use a new package name, but that was a definite no-go on amazon, package names must be the same to upload a new version.  Ok fine… so I changed it to match the original package name.  But then google would not accept my app because I was using a different key (see I had lost my old key with my laptop dying) so I had to un-publish the existing app and create a new one… but google wouldn’t accept it now because apparently it keeps the package names of every submitted app permanently to disallow duplicates.. so I had to change the package name once again in order to publish to google.  So now if I ever have to update the app again (which I imagine I will, if/when I get some paying users…) I will have to at least remember to change the package names around when publishing to amazon/google… Yuck.  Would be nice if they had the same publishing requirements, at least. Oh well…. at least its done (for now).


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    • Magnum Opus, I had to look that up..

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      Learn something new everyday 🙂

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